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Shantanu Sen

5751, North Kolb Rd

Apt 32204

Tucson, AZ 85750

(520) 577-3890



C, C++, Assembly 8086,FORTRAN


ORACLE 7.x, Sybase 10.0

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Solaris 2.x, SunOS 4.1.3, SGI UNIX SVR3.2

Work Experience

Lead Software Engineer, IKON Office Soutions, Tucson, AZ

March 1998 - Present

RPA Server Emulation

October 1998 - present

The RPA server is developed for testing the services being developed for RPA. RPA is a wireless service provider, which accepts connections from various clients and forwards them to the pagers of the RPA customers. There is an existing protocol for communication with the RPA server over socket connection.

I was responsible for designing and developing the server module. The server uses the Windows sockets 2.0 to connect to the wireless service. There is a protocol defined by RPA for transmission of data to the server. The acknowledgement of the requested page is then stored in a SQL Server database. This database is then used for generating reports.


March 1998 - present

Magnum is output management software. It has the capability to make decision on which printer to print based on the job ticket and permissions that have been set for users by the administrator. It also lets the organization track the various parameters like accounting, paper consumption, job archival etc. The project was developed in Bangalore, India and Tucson, AZ.

I was responsible for designing the accounting and archiving modules and coordinating the licensing modules being developed in Bangalore.


Site Coordinator


Windows NT4.0, SQL Server 6.5

Lead Software Engineer, Integra TechSoft Ltd., Bangalore, India

Jan 1997 March 1998


November 1997 January 1998

Forum is an Internet discussion group framework. The framework provides points into which various modules like BBS, Mail, Chat etc. can be plugged to present a complete system over the internet. The forum also provided an entry point into the system.

I was leading a team of 4 people for design, development and implementation of the system. The development was done using ASP, ADO and ActiveX controls. I was also responsible for interacting with the customer and the groups working on the other modules to effectively develop a uniform interface between the various modules.


Project Leader


Windows NT4.0, MCIS 2.0

SNMP Manager

June October 1997

SNMP Manager is a tool used to manage networks using the SNMP protocol. This system can be used to manage systems over multiple locations and behind firewalls.

I was leading a team of 3 people for the design and development of the system. The clients would talk to the servers over RPC and windows sockets 2.0.


Project Leader


Windows NT4.0, MSVC

SMS Tools

January June 1997

The SMS (System Management and Services) tools were a set of generic tools that were developed to add paging functionality to management software like Microsoft SMS and HP Openview.

I was leading a team of 2 people for design and development of this tool. The tool was developed using the MSVC++ and used RPC to communicate with the paging server.


Project Leader


Windows NT4.0, MSVC ++

Senior Software Engineer, Tata Unisys Ltd., Bangalore, India

April 1992 December 1996

POPSI Post, Operation and Payroll System Info.

January December 1996

Bespoke and develop interface Oracle HR to various legacy system for Ministry of Defense, UK. This included development of the interfaces from the Oracle HR system to the legacy system so the information that was being fetched would be consistent.

I was leading a team of 8 people towards the design and development of the interfaces for the POPSI system and the primary contact for the customer. The system was developed using Oracle HR and Oracle 7 with Developer 2000 tools.


Project Leader


Solaris2.5, Oracle HR, Oracle 7.0, developer 2000

Tools Used


TNM The Network Module

November 1994 December 1995

Developed for a Comdata Corporation, USA. It connects to the various gas stations at a specified time and gets the data for management use. Mostly the trucking companies use this tool to maintain information about the truck stops used. The tool would also used the stored to data to find the most used truck stops and decide on the optimum route.

I was leading a tem of 3 people for design and development of the system. It was developed using MAPInfo for mapping information, Windows Sockets1.0 for connecting to the gas stations for data transfer and Sybase as the database server.


Project Leader


Solaris 2.4, MAPInfo, Sybase 10

GUI for CD-Gen

September October 1994

CD-Gen is a CD mastering software. This software can be used to define the layout and the directories to be burned into a CD.

I was working in a team of 3 people and I was responsible for designing and developing the user interface for the CD-Gen product on Solaris platform. It was developed using X11R5 and Motif 2.1 for the front-end.




Solaris 2.4, OSF/Motif 2.1

ARGIS Advanced Relation GIS

April 1993 August 1994

ARGIS is a geographical information system used for planning and tracking the various geographical resources. The tool was capable of providing layering. The tool can also be used to find the optimum path from point A to point B given the environment.

I was working in a team of 12 developers and I was involved in the designing and development of the UI using X11R5/MOTIF 2.0. I was also responsible for designing and implementing the network between the development centers in London and Toronto, Canada.


Developer/System Manager


Solaris 2.x, Solaris 1, OSF/Motif

MultiProc Sort

July 1992 March 1993

This tool was developed for Unisys UNIX SVR4 for sorting files greater than 200MB.

I was responsible for designing and developing the system using the processor specific calls in the Unisys UNIX SVR4 and the sort algorithm used was the quick sort.




Unisys UNIX SVR4.0



Associate Software Engineer, OMC Computers Ltd., Secunderabad, India

August 1990 March 1992

DraftPack 2D

November 1990 March 1992

Developed the user interface for DraftPack 2D software for CAD/CAM designing. The user interface was definable by the user. Pseudo device drivers were also developed for speeding up the drawing routines used by the DraftPack software.

I was working in a team of 5 people and responsible for designing and developing the macro language parser for defining the user interface. I was also responsible for developing the drivers to be used with DraftPack 2D. The drivers were developed for specific cards to speed up the drawing process.




MS-Windows 3.0, MSC 6.0, 80x86 Assembly

Drivers for continuous plotting

August October 1990

The HPGL plotters supported the continuous plotting but there was no driver available on SGI UNIX at that time. This driver was necessary for the DraftPack to properly plot drawings longer that A0 size paper.

I was responsible for designing and developing the driver using HPGL. This was done via communications to bypass the standard driver.